About Ode-to-Vinegar

I'm a food fanatic! The world of flavors is endless, and I relish (mmm, hotdogs) in exploring each and every one of them. It seems that I enjoy talking about food nearly as much as consuming it. Thus, this blog was created as an outlet for my cooking/eating fascination. It is a food journal of sorts, and while it is was born of my desire to document food experiences (cooking, dining, observing, pondering, smelling, whatever), I am hopeful that it may provide a resource - or better yet, an inspiration - for others who want to become better acquainted with the kitchen.

Why the title? Sure, vinegar has got some great practical uses as an all-purpose cleaning agent blah blah....(totally no disrespect to Martha Stewart here; she was my first inspiration, and I am unashamed to admit my appreciation for dorky household tips). But vinegar is just yummy and deserves more credit. The more I've cooked and tasted over the years, the more my palate longs for a gentle - or not - note of acid. In fact, I find that when a dish needs something, it's often a splash of vinegar. Red wine, tarragon, sherry, rice, white wine, balsamic, white balsamic, champagne, malt, you name it. My pantry is stocked with them all, and I completely love them.

Thanks for visiting!