Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chicken Enchiladas Verde

Make/freeze ahead?  Check.  Easy?  Check.  Kid-friendly?  Check.  Tasty?  Check. 

(Remember Monica readying for her vacay on "Friends"?  Sadly, I am so her.)

Yay for this 'Real Simple' - literally and figuratively - recipe with instructions to prepare in an up to quadruple batch!  The last time I made this, I did just that and had four trays in the freezer ready for service to others as well as our family.  You may have gathered that food is kind of my love language.

By the way, the bulk recipe left me with a whole lotta chicken bones, which were also tossed in the freezer.  When (if ever?) motivation sparks, I plan to employ these babies in my inaugural chicken stock prep fest.

Back to the topic at hand... Lacking the classic red sauce and corn tortillas, these are not your traditional enchiladas.  They are milder (the kid-friendly part), fresher, and packed with sweet corn.

I like to serve these topped with a dollop of sour cream and alongside Spanish rice and a hunk of cornbread.  A note for my local friends:  after experiencing - and instantaneously falling deeply in love with - Tom Leonard's corn bread, I just cannot imagine attempting my own in fear of inevitable disappointment. This stuff is basically an awesome excuse to call yellow cake a vegetable. 

Click here for the recipe!


Shawty said...

Em, can you post the corn bread recipe? Or did I miss it?

heart heart heart

Shawty said...

Oops my bad--it seems like you bought the cornbread from Tom Leonard? We don't have sweet Tom Leonard here, so I would love suggestions if you have time. I have a ton of corn meal I need to use before we move!!

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