Thursday, May 19, 2011

94 the age of the lady that made this flawlessly gorgeous and delicious coconut cream pie. 

Ryan's grandmother, "Grammy" to us and "GG" to our kids, is one inspiring gal.  She lives independently. She wears a dress every day.  She remains a great source of emotional and practical support for her children - several of whom are in their 70's - while for most, those tables turned decades ago.  Such help recently included unpacking boxes when her daughter (also a grandmother) moved into a new house.  Yes, Grammy is turning 95 this summer, but was the one helping someone else move.  Those same sweet little hands rolled out this beautiful pie crust.

She's a sharp cookie and never misses a beat.  She regularly acknowledges milestones and special dates, even as grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren (yeah, that's right) multiply around her. 

Grammy, you rock.  If God makes me your age one day, I can only hope to be the positive force you are to your family.  I can only hope to still be taking care of my kids the way you do.  And heaven knows that I would love to be making homemade coconut cream pies - though they'd never hold a candle to yours.  xo


Shawty said...

I love this story! I love that a great-grandma is still active in creating her legacy. It makes getting old sound great!

Idolmaniac said...

This made me cry! At my desk! So sweet and eloquent.

Joanna said...

She sounds like an incredible person! I'm especially excited that she wears a dress every day:) Wish I had some of that pie.

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