Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Ode Begins - August 20, 2010

I'm completely obsessed with delicious food. Notice I didn't just say food, because not only am I un-obsessed with mediocre food, it actually gets on my nerves. Adding precious moments to my workout for tasteless calories is a relative calamity in my book. The world of flavors is endless, and I relish (mmm, hotdogs) in exploring each and every one of them.

I am a credit analyst by day, and it seems that I might be driving my co-worker nuts with my food ramblings. It turns out that I enjoy talking about food almost as much as consuming it. He has recommended that I start a blog as an outlet for my cooking/eating obsession. I'm thinking of this as a food journal of sorts, and I'm excited to share my cooking and dining experiences with whoever wants to hear about them. The combo of food and friends/family evokes such a feeling of warmth to me, and I'd love to inspire that for others. Perhaps a recipe here will get you enthused enough to give the kitchen a try.

Why the title, you might ask? Sure, vinegar has got some great practical uses as an all-purpose cleaning agent blah blah....(totally no disrespect to Martha Stewart here; she was my first inspiration, and I love dorky household tips). But vinegar is just yummy and deserves more credit. The more I've cooked and tasted over the years, the more my palate longs for a gentle - or not - note of acid. In fact, more often than not, when a dish needs something, it's a splash of vinegar. Red wine, tarragon, sherry, rice, white wine, balsamic, champagne, you name it. My pantry is stocked with them all, and I love them.


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