Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For Joey

Remember the Friends episode where the guys competed against the girls in a high stakes game show with their apartment as the coveted prize?  One of the "lightning round" questions inquired Joey's favorite food, and Monica instantly shot back, "sandwiches".  I totally get that, especially when it's a filthy (that's Ryan speak for really, really good) concoction served on a perfectly crusty roll with delicious sauces and toppings oozing everywhere as you dive in for your first bite.  It's not that messy always means good, but when it does turn out to be delicious, the mess factor just somehow takes it to the next level.

This sandwich was something to write home (or a blog) about.  I mean, it was amazing. Imagine this: spice rubbed flank steak grilled to perfection and sliced atop a toasted sourdough roll, piled high with smoky onions and zesty horseradish sauce.   Okay, now you need to stop imagining and walk to your kitchen to make it.  Forget calories or logistics or whatever might be inhibiting you and do this because I promise you'll thank me (I mean, Yahoo Shine Recipes) afterwards. 
My notes:  The recipe says to cook the steak on the stove.  Cook a steak indoors?  With my husband on the premises?  Not a chance.  He grilled (in the rain, friends) without hesitation, and I knew better than to ask any questions.  He put it to rest under its little tin foil blanket for 15 minutes while I sauteed some onions in my grandmother's cast iron skillet with a glorious sprinkling of the steak's spice mixture.  I actually turned up the heat at the end to add some char that just seemed necessary given the title of this sandwich (see the title in the recipe link below..haha).  As an aside, there is something soothing about cooking in a cast iron skillet, especially one that's been in the family for so long.  Thinking of all of the love that's gone into it over the years - and the yummyness it's yielding in that moment - evokes a lot of happiness for me.  Now if I could just remember to stop burning myself on the darn handle.  Anyway, for the sauce, I replaced about half of the required mayo with light sour cream and almost doubled the horseradish quantity.  Whether you employ my modifications or align with the recipe, you've so got to try this!!! http://www.shine.yahoo.com/channel/food/recipes/westward-ho-flank-steak-sandwiches-535947/  

Though this sandwich needed no enhancement, I prepared baked sweet potato fries to serve on the side.  This easy process is as follows: cut the potatoes into wedges, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper, line up on a baking sheet (foil-line for no clean-up!), and roast for 20-25 minutes at 400 degrees.  Flip them half-way through for even browning. 


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