Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nerd Alert

I am the first to own up to my nerd-dom.  The plain and simple fact is that I appreciate order, and I find great satisfaction in the process of achieving it....whether it's organizing and then presumably reorganizing drawers, toys in the playroom, the linen closet, the garage, or best of all, the pantry (the thought of which brings angels to song in my head).  This photo reflects my latest organizing project, and I've taken it to the blog since its subject is food!  Here lives our weekly menu, shopping list, recipes, and miscellaneous info like planned meals for baby-having or elderly friends.  Many might find a food board (yes, only for food....other life-managing details like the calendar, appointment cards and invitations have their own home in the mudroom) a little odd/unnecessary/foolish.  But I'll tell you why I love it: 

1)  The grocery list is easy to find, update and grab on the way out the door to the store. 

2)  These papers no longer clutter our counter top, whose space is already limited. 

3) There's never a question of "what's for dinner?", because the weekly menu resides in plain sight.  This saves time - and money actually, because having it there seems to commit us to the pre-established plan, thereby reducing temptation for last minute take-out.  [Okay, I'll stop for a sec to say that I do realize I am sounding like a Type A lunatic.  In all seriousness, to some extent this phrase probably fairly characterizes me.  But please also know that I'm not so rigid as to lack any spontaneity in my life.  I can change plans every now and again and - omg - abandon a casserole in the freezer for a later date.] 

4)  How cute are those letter magnets?


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